Presidential Palace

The official residence of the President of Lithuania, this gleaming white palace started life in the 14th century as a much smaller structure built at the behest of the city’s first Bishop, Andrzej Jastrzębiec (d.1398). Gaining its Classical appearance much later, it remained the home of the cream of the city’s Catholic clergy until the 1795 Partition when it became the residence of Vilnius’ tsarist governors. Many illustrious figures have spent a night in the building over the centuries, among them Tsar Alexander I, Napoleon Bonaparte and local boy, military giant and Polish national hero Józef Piłsudski (1867-1935) to name but a few. After independence in 1991, the structure served several purposes until assuming its current role in 1997. The presidential flag can be seen flying over the building when the president is in residence or in the city. Changing of the Guard takes place on Sundays at 12:00. From spring to the start of October, at 12:00-18:00, it is possible to enter the spacious rear courtyard without being part of an excursion.

N 54° 41.037 E 025° 17.184

  1. First Bishop’s name Andrzej
  2. 18th century architecture style Classical
  3. the type of flag presidential
  4. Catholic Church member of hierarchy               bishop
  5. French statesman and military leader Napoleon