Basilian Gate

The most beautiful gate of Vilnius with a rococo-style facade from the 18th century, architectured by J. K. Glaubitz. Behind the gate is the Uniate church of Holy Trinity and the Basilian monastery, the place where Adam Mickiewicz was imprisoned. The basilian monastery, also known as the Church of Holy trinity, is a complex of buildings in the old town of Vilnius. According to a legend, the first building there was built by princess Uliana in 14th century in Gothic style after 3 martyrs died for their faith. These martyrs weren’t catholic, but orthodox, and that lead to the day when they were executed for being different. The martyrs, up until this day, are located in the crypt in the monastery’s basement. Today, the entrance is surrounded by two gates, each having a height of 17.9 meters and a width of 8.9 meters. It is a marvelous complex that is not well seen at first, but when you look closely it’s something that really catches your eye.

N 54° 40.524 E 025° 17.270

  1. What was the name of the princess that built the first church of the basilian monastery in Vilnius? (Uliana)
  2. The entrance to the monastery is surround by two … (gates)
  3. Basilian monastery isn’t catholic, but … (orthodox)
  4. The 17,9 m dimension of the gates … (height)
  5. The crypt was located in the monastery’s … (basement)
  6. Monastery of holy … (trinity)
  7. Style the fist church there (gothic)
  8. The firs church there was built in 14th century according to a … (legend)